Relay Relay Relay: Kali and Durga 2/3/2021

Durga and Kali:
We are the Goddess Durga and The Goddess Kali. We come to humanity on this Night and this time in your Evolutionary Journey. Right Now, we are working with your White Knights all over the Earth in the underground tunnels where horrific torment is being inflicted upon the innocents. These unspeakable acts have been the Dark Underbelly of societies and governments around the world for millennia.

This is the Time of Awakening for ALL of Humanity! It is The Time, and the Earth is ready for a Mature and Loving and Courageous human race. You MUST open your eyes and see finally, THE TRUTH. Unbeknownst to you, the life you have enjoyed upon the surface of the Earth Mother is in stark contrast to those souls underground who have been tortured from birth to death.

Those whom you revere in your societies are not who think they are.

Remember that each one of you Lightworkers came here, on the Earth at this time because you clamored to be here, yes this is ascension time and in order for the Earth and Humanity to ascend to a higher vibrational plane the Evil that is happening MUST STOP NOW! Delve into and dig deeply into the information that is available to all of you, yes you have a spiritual work to do, and that spiritual work is In The World. Praying is great, Meditation is great, but you came here as Warriors of the Light and do not forget that. This means, having the courage to stand in the Light and Look The Dark in the eye and Proclaim: No More, and Never Again!
Do not be caught in the trap of personalities. Go within and find your answers, use your Minds as Well as you hearts, this is a call to Action, my dear ones. This is a Call to The Warrior in All Of You, You Are the Warriors of and for the LIGHT!

Many of you have begged to be on the Earth at this Time. Well, you are here! Now, Do Your Work, Your Soul Knows!

Stay in a prayerful place, stay in a peaceful place, stay in your Power as a Warrior of the Light Of the Christ!

Do not succumb to helplessness! THIS IS THE WORK YOU CAME TO DO. It is time to put your child selves into your Hearts and go forth as the Women and Men who are Grown Up and Feel with the children. No child or animal should be subjected to this Horror, and You came here, you came here to do this work. Be the Men and Women you came here to be, this is your Work. Do Not Turn Away from it, there is suffering All Around, this must be Alleviated. It is time for the Blossom of humanity to open and Stay opened to Everything! It is up to you Now to make a New Earth. If you are not willing to face the Self then you are a part of the big problem on the Earth Plane at this time.

This is a call to all Lightworker Warriors incarnated here at this time! You have been blessed by White Knights who fight for all of Humanity. Put Your Armor Of the White Light Upon You Shoulders and Go Fourth And Conquer you own Demons And then Conquer the Outer Demons who roam this Earth Now. There are many strong warriors who are fighting right now to free Humanity from the Great Darkness that has plagued you for Millennia. Your Earth Mother is Ascending! These lower vibrational energies are not compatible with the New Earth, and this includes the lower vibrational energies within each and every one of you. As the Earth Ascends into higher levels of Being you Must be at the same level to be able to go into this new World with the Earth Mother. There is no way around it, face all of your fears, all of your darkness that is within you, all of your victumhoods, in other worlds, EVERYTHING that is not of the Light. And finally, put Fear aside, you are children no more! You are the Adult Warriors of the Earth and For the Earth and for All of Her Beings upon this Planet. She has given All to You, it is time for You All to Give Back to Her and to All Beings who are suffering right now.
We Do hear you, we hear your prayers, your complaints, your moans and groaning and your fears and your rages. Life is Just Life. How it is for you is how you make it for yourselves. It is finally the time for Humanity to grow up and to be Who you came here to be.
This is about soul growth, this is not about personalities ,this is the time to awaken to the Truth and the Light of your Being. We have watched many of you complaining and heard your complaints about how difficult it is, we ask you, those of you who are complaining, to do some research on your internet about what is happening underground around the World and you will see you have nothing to complain about. There are Warriors of the Light that are rescuing the children, but you must rescue your souls, your selves. We are always here to assist all of you, humanity has been manipulated for untold millennia. Talk to people , do the research, ask the questions if you know nothing of this, it is time to awaken. You are NOT pitiful little beings, victims of the World. Look around you and see how blessed you All are. Millions of beings around this planet are from other star system and are here watching you at this time of the Ascension of the Planet. Choosing this time to be victims is Not an option, and if you are to ascend with the Earth Mother you must walk in your adult shoes with an open heart for all of Humanity, for all of the Earth Beings, and for the Earth Herself.

We give All a Formal Invitation to reaffirm, Right Now, that you are a part of the Army of the Light and will Face ALL NOW!!!!
Good Night We Will See You On The Battlefield Immediately.You Are Needed Now!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
1:39 Am 2/3/2021