Relay Relay Relay Forber 7/15/18

I am the Kofutu Master, Forber.  We were and still are, Healers.  We lived and worked in Atlantis before it sank beneath the waves.  As the Ascension process begins there are great stresses on your bodies.  It will help to eat lightly and to allow your bodies the rest that they need.  Drink plenty of water as it will cleanse and give you energy. 
You may find yourselves re-thinking all kinds of relationsips; some have been good and some have been not so good.  some a drain and some enhance who you are and help you to grow on every level of your Beings.  While the energies are increasing and becoming more intense,  stay centered because this is a very great gift to Humanity to free itself from the shackles of the Dark Ones who have enslaved you for Aeons of time.  Do spend time alone, meditating upon your lives and how you will live your life NOW as well as in the future.   The Future is a Result of the Past.You are loved.  Live wirh Courage to go With and to heal on all levels and you eill help thereby, the whole of the Earth! 
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 7/15/18  5/52 pm