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 I Am the Goddess Athena  Some of you know me as the Goddess who had been working to reform the thinking of the old Patriarchs in the Vatican.  Some have come around and some have not.  Humanity has been given a choice to either Change your attitudes,, your thinking, or remain here in 3D for  the next Millennia or two.  It is purely up to You~  You CAN CONTINUE on in 3d FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED  TO LEARN your  LIFE LESSONS.  THERE IS NO SHAME IN THIS   Some are stubborn or wilful some have to have more life experience.  in this difficult dimensional space.  Progress can be made by the Soul who  is Willing to learn, but you must drop all of your ideas that you know it All!  True humility can go a very long way in your growth as well as discernment.  If you are uncomfortable with the lessons you are experiencing, then put your False Ego aside and look within in humility and be open to the Truth that you have run away  from.  Do the hard things that you have avoided up until Now!  This is the Eleventh Hour!