Relay Relay Relay Archangel Metatron 11/22/2018

I am Metatron. Tread carefully now, for that which you are drudging up is from eons ago. Does it not seem that the world of humanity is collectively holding its’ breath in preparation for a new day a-dawning in which the Truth will be revealed to all? Be prepared, for all will be revealed to you that has been hidden from you by the dark overlords of this planet. They have been here for countless eons of millennia stirring humanity into further blindness of soul.
The Earth IS Ascending and it is happening NOW. Therefore, YOU are ascending with her. In order for this to manifest for you individually, you MUST clear out the debris of your fondest “stories” that you have lived with for a very long time indeed! This time in your evolution and the evolution of the Earth Mother is one that will and is, taking a great deal of courage for all of you to walk through this period of time with a light heart and a bounce in your step. As you know, we the Archangels, as well as countless beings in the Universes have been helping you, guiding you, and loving you through this process. There are countless Beings from around the Galaxies who are assisting you and cheering you on!

These are not easy times for you, but remember that you have been privileged to be here now at this time of the Ascension of the Earth Mother, and your jobs are to assist in becoming everything that you have been told that you are Within. It is Truly The Time for you stand tall in the Light and in the Truth!

It is past time for you all collectively to truly Let Go of your fears as well as your Perceived Limitations! Step Boldly into this new Era! For this is what you came here to do! Have you noticed how uncomfortable it feels for you to revert back to your old ways of Thinking, Being, and Feeling? You all have been and are working toward this end! Do not falter on this path! Do not Ever turn your backs on the Truth! The Truth of who you are, the truth of your courage and strength, the truth that you are Mother Earth’s WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT AND OF CHANGE. You Must be the Men and Women of Courage that you are known to be! This process of a whole planet ascending will take All Of The Best that is within you. There are many beings on the planet who do not know exactly what is happening here but You know and and we expect Great Things from all of you who work in the Light and with the Light! These times we know, are difficult, for you are at the end of an extremely long period of darkness on the Earth Mother. Because all of you have chosen to be here at this time, remember that you had the courage to volunteer for this Great Work and therefore you are prepared. You are NOT LITTLE CHILDREN, you are adult souls who understood the importance of incarnating on the Earth at this time. While it is difficult at this time, help for you is available if you but ASK! You MUST live in INTEGRITY. For you are all the midwives at the birth of the New Earth. As you know, a midwife takes care of the mother and the child. If you feel sorry for yourselves in what is truly a large and difficult task, think of the pain of the Mother and All of her children on her beautiful body. Have love and compassion for all on the Earth. Do not worry about giving too much, do not worry about loving too much. What is life without both of these things? The phrase, “what about me” has No place in this work. Your reward is in the giving with a light and open heart. The Earth and all of her inhabitants and all of the humans who, like you, are walking up a mountain to the summit of Love: Personal and Universal LOVE.

We have worked many millennia to help you to bring yourselves with the Earth and all of her beings to this glory of the Ascension Process. Do not falter, do not step back, do not turn around and go back down the mountain as has happened for untold millennia. This is the work you came here to accomplish. OPEN YOUR HEARTS to your own Beauty, to the beauty of others, to the beauty of your souls. OPEN YOUR HEARTS to the Glory you see all around you, in the Hearts in their Caring, in the Giving, in the Compassion and the willingness to die for another if need be. You are all Warriors of the Light! Stay in Integrity within yourselves. Without integrity you cannot do the work that you came here to do.

You have a saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”! You may choose this quote as your standard for this time on the Planet. You are needed to fulfill your own destiny, a well as the destiny of the Earth. The frequencies that are beamed at humans have helped to keep you all enslaved. These are being taken down now. Be aware of Everything that is going on Around you! Be aware that all is not what you thought it was, as presented! Be Aware that you will be very surprised by the people who you thought were lighted beings that worked for the dark for a long time. Remember, God/Goddess is within. Look to your own Strength, you own Heart, you own Courage, you own Steadfastness, your own Purity, to help you though these times.  This time is one of discernment. Open Your Hearts to the Truth that every dark thought and deed, every omission of good exponentially creates more havoc in this world.
I want to forcefully stress that the time for wavering on which side of the light you are on is over. This means that those who choose the light will have to do this with openness and courage and fortitude. We are here always, we are here working with you. This was the assignment you chose when you came here, this is the time when you are needed, to clean out the closets of your souls, where your self-indulgences lie, and where your excuses lie, and walk the path of Light and of the Truth. Courage Now! You are at the end of the time for wavering. Be Peace, Love All, be Kind, be Caring, be Strong, be Courageous, be Loving, and BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE! We, the Archangels, look forward to the work with all of you in the Ascension of the Earth Mother.

We will speak again when needed. Rest in the arms of the Great Mother of All.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 9:33 pm 11/22/2018