Relay Relay Relay: 8/5/2021 Ghondor

Ah HO, Little One. It is you old Pleiadian friend, Ghondor. I come to you at this time that is unprecedented on the Earth. The Lightworkers are called to action for the work you are all meant to accomplish. We, of the Galactic Federation of Light are, as you know, assisting the people of Earth and all Beings who live upon her.

This time is a critical one, and the participation of all of you is needed NOW! You are seeing, and will continue to see plans of the Dark Ones falling apart. Be cautious and remember that their desperation can lead to much destruction. However, your Galactic Family is here helping you, now. Do remember that this is your time to shine as the Great Lighted Beings That You Are and Were Meant To Be. The Earth’s people are waking up as if from a long dream of many eons in time. There are many people upon the Earth who are being shocked by the enormity of the cruelty and coldness towards Earth’s children and animals.

Remember that you are the Children Of The Light Of The Christed One, you are Spiritual Adults who were born for this moment. You have prepared yourselves through many life experiences, over many lifetimes upon the Earth. Do not falter in your courage, keep an open heart, and live in complete integrity!
We, the Pleiadians have been here for quite a while assisting in this work as well as those from many other star systems in our Galaxy.  

Do keep your minds and hearts in a peaceful state no matter what you hear or learn. Remember, that this, the Earth Mother is Your Planet and it is for you to rescue Her and All Upon Her from the dark entities who had control upon the Earth for so long. There is still some cleanup to do. But the major ones have left with some stragglers left behind. The human minions of these are in the process of being acknowledged, recognized, and soon to be removed from the Earth Mother.

Your Work, while we do some cleanup with you, is to Consciously Choose to Be A Being Of Light, to Let Go of your babyhood, your childhood, and be the Protectors of the Children of All of Humanity. The Adults who free the world of darkness, forever. This is YOUR Earth Mother and it is Your Job to protect Her and to take Care of Her and all of the Beings and Lifeforms on Her. Shine your Lights in All of the dark corners of the Earth, so the darkness no longer has a place on this Earth, or in the Hearts of Humanity. You were born for this work, it is time! No more cowering in fear of a virus, an organization, or any other false reality that plagues you at this time. You were born to do this work, you are called to action NOW! We stand at your side, we are from many planets in the Galaxy that you call Milky Way. Let Love lead you, let Courage be Within You and Strength in your Minds, Bodies, and Hearts for the work you are called to do Now. We are With You, encouraging you, and loving you. Goodnight My Dears. I am Ghondor.

8/5/2021  12:33 AM
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle