Relay Relay Relay – 4/2/16 – Athena

As you know, I am Athena.  You are getting close to the time which has been spoken of by St. Germain, The Hurricane of emotional upheaval which will be the result of those trends that are being set into motion now.  Many are still asleep and many will “wake up” in the near time.  It is necessary in order for you all to claim your personal Sovereignty Right Now!    While flowery words and promises may make you feel good that is not what I bring you now!
 You were All born to be here at this time and to bring about the New World that has been spoken of for eons of time!   You are not children to be taken care of and assuaged with gilded promises.  You are Warriors of the Light!  You came here to be the absolutely BEST that you can be! 

You Do know the ways in which you hide from yourselves the Truth of what you must become and Be right Now!  You are being guided!   This is no time like any other!   You Are the Children of the Light!   Millions upon millions of you have sought This time to be born of Earth so that you could assist with this transition into the Higher Dimensions of Light and Life!   Remember Now!   In your Soul is that still, small place of remembering.   Be open to it!   The time is approaching when you will wish that you had been more cognizant of the precious moments for growth and kindness that you are missing in the Now!   ALL of the Warriors of the Light are needed in the NOW!  

We are always with you!   Do Not forget your Earth Mother who is suffering Every Day!  Be Courageous in the Now!   There are Dark Ones who are planning Dark Deeds.  The Light Can overcome the Darkness!   You will have to turn off the TV’s that give you the direction that your masters want you to go and it is a place of distraction in order to control you!  Do Not Go There if you want to do YOUR Work!   Stay in Peace and Connection to your Earth Mother and All upon her.   Be Courageous!   Ask for help when needed!  We will be only a moment away.  Remember Who you Are!   Remember Why you came to Earth at THIS time!   We will speak again!  Rest well in the Goddess’s arms!  I Am Athena.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  4/2/16  11:33 pm