Ker-ton-tec and Mother Sekhmet 10/29/19

My Dear One:  You have held the Course with great determination to help others in bringing about the Changes in Conciousness that are in process right now.   Our Ships are in readiness around the Earth Mother.  It is past the Point of No Return!  This Will Happen!   Ascension is a gven, it is happening Now!  This is the Point of No Return!   You Are My Warriors of The Light!  You have been on a long Journey Together.  Bring your Best Self forward now for it is imperative that you  are Whole, that you have faced yourself and found compassion for self and others and the determination to live in Complete Integrity of Soul.   If you have brushed away The Helping Hand, you have chosen a more difficult Path.  And an unnecessary one.   False Ego has no  place in this process.  You are all souls ready to move onto a greater understanding by lifting the Veil of Illusions from your face.  Be honest with yourselves, face your fears, walk through them with courage and integrity.

You Are The Bringers of the Dawn, the Wounded Healers who Must Heal yourselves!    Healing First!  Helping others when you are healed!   This is no time for Flase Ego, it is the time for honesty, Complete integrity and knowledge of self.  Listen to The Elders; they have been through much that many are facing now~  
I Am With you All Now~Ker-ton-tec:  Hello Spirit Eagle!  My Paschat MaMa!  My sisters are happy with you and yes, they Are Protecting you and will continue to do so as only a Paschat can!!!  We are awaiting the Orders for the fun to begin just as you are!  Stay Calm and call us in when needed for protection or inspiration.  As you know, we will answer immediately so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.   We are in the Solar System in the thousands and more… We are looking forward to this process as you are.   We have front row seats too!  I will pick you up and put you on my lap for you are as small as a human baby to me~  I Love you Spirit Eagle and always will~  Rest this night in the Great Mother’s Arms~    
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle    10/29/19 11:47pm