Jonelle 7/8/2018

  I am Jonelle. I am an officer on the Galactic Federation ship the Blue Star. The Blue Star is a flagship at this time containing many from various star systems. We have been co-coordinating the operations for awhile now. The defeat of the dark forces is imminent now. We are expecting to release needed information to humanity within a very short time.

          The battles being waged in your skies and above have been cloaked because without needed information and background on this operation humanity would panic at the sight of battles above the Earth. We have been working with your Ascended Masters, and civilizations from all over the galaxy are represented in our numbers. A period of time to educate the people of Earth is needed in order to prepare you for Ascension with your Earth Mother. Sekhmet wishes a word with you.

          My Warriors are in full warrior mode in this battle above the Earth as well as on the Earth. When you feel you need protection call on me and my Pashat Warriors and we will instantly surround you with the needed protection (spiritual and/or physical). Observe your Felines on the Earth. Watch them closely and they will subtley guide you in the moment to take action or not in any situation that you are confronted with. Be calm, don’t talk so much, but observe carefully.

          This time around, NESARA (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) and GESARA (the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) Will be announced and implemented for the benefit of all Humankind, so that you and the Earth will be able to Ascend together.

          Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, and all civilizations in your Galaxy are watching the Ascension of the Earth with great interest and many are assisting us in these final days of the battle for the Earth and all of its’ inhabitants. I am Sekhmet. Good Night and we will inform you in more frequent dispatches.

Jonelle: The whole of the Milky Way Galaxy and other Galaxies are watching this battle for the rescue of the Earth and are awaiting Her Ascension into the higher dimensions. Many civilizations are observing this process. You are the Warriors of and for the Light! You have specific work to do on yourselves and in assisting your sisters and brothers of the Earth in awakening to the reality that you all have been living in. It is up to you, who have been at this from many years, to be like a tree, a strong force, be like an old-growth tree. The old-growth tree is a sentinel that can be seen from afar, a safe, wise, strong, calm Presence. That is all for now. Be alert and be Ready!

Good Night, and rest in your Earth Mother’s Arms.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle:

7/8/2018 11:59pm