I Am St. Germain – 6/25/2021

I Am St. Germain. I come this night to prepare you, the people of the Earth, for the changes that are coming shortly. There are those who are cleansing the Earth and Humanity of the Dark Entities who have subtly ruled this planet for eons of time. Humanity is awakening now as more information is being revealed at this time. The Lightworkers are asked to be very clear with yourselves thereby being at peace within your Hearts and your Minds so that you may answer this Clarion Call to be the Soldiers of the Light that God/Goddess has called you to be. I remind you to be in a place of Peace within yourselves and with your fellow beings upon the Earth.

Do take some time contemplating in Nature or sitting on a park bench, examine your soul. Remember that you are Soldiers of peace. Much information will be forthcoming regarding the inhuman cruelty to children and animals of the Earth Mother.

Humanity has been kept in the dark, as little children would, regarding it’s history and the darkness of the control that has contained you and constrained you from being and living in your true Christ Consciousness. You can help by going within and praying for all of the victims, human and animal, and for the Warriors who are freeing them. In this time of shocking revelations much will be asked of you. You are asked to remember, and to remind yourselves and each other that you are children of God/Goddess and that you are of the Light of the Christ. There are very brave souls who are doing this work and we say to you, pray for them, and for those who they rescue! You have prepared for this time throughout many lifetimes.
There are many who will be able to assist in building a New World based within and on Christ Consciousness. Although it is Darkest before the Dawn, the Dawn will bring a New Christed Light to the Earth Mother. You will start to see the population upon the Earth changing, and the poverty levels will begin to be healed so that all beings on the Earth will have abundance in their lives.
This is the time that you have been waiting for, you are on the threshold! DO stay in your center and within your peaceful Heart, I urge you to Courage, Love, and Expansiveness. LIVE PEACE, BE LOVE, LIVE LOVE, this is your Moment to Shine! We are with you, Now!!!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle6/25/2021 2:29 am