Hermes – 8/20/2021

Hermes: Good Evening, Little One, I am glad that you have stilled our mind long enough to recognize my desire to talk to you and to all on the planet this night. We on these realms, what you term the Higher Realms, are busy indeed helping humanity in bringing about the Change which is about to happen on your planet. We are assisting your White Knights in The endeavor to rid the Earth of the Darkness and its’ Dark Beings who invaded your Earth many, many millennia ago. This is why Earth has been a very, very difficult school from which to graduate. Many leave here, but come back again to finish up what they started and didn’t complete. The Light has grown larger in its’ Ascendancy. As the inhabitants face their own darkness within themselves and open themselves to the New Earth, The new way of living in order for you all to graduate into the fifth dimension. Although this is a trying time for all lifeforms upon the planet, it is necessary in your growth to walk through the stages of development just as a human child does when learning to sit up, crawl, stand up, and then walk. Your infancy is over. This is the time you have been waiting for to bring forth the New Earth, the new way of Being and living in kindness, love, appreciation, and humility before God’s creation.

While these times are most difficult, they are also most rewarding for those who walk the path of the Rainbow Warrior. You, who are conscious, of this must stand in your truth and your honor and your compassion, especially when you learn of the horrors that have been inflicted upon so very many children. That has been a very big secret form the masses of the population of the Earth. The perpetrators of these dark deeds Will be brought to Justice! And I say to you to look Within at that time and remember that every time You have succumbed to, shall we say the “Dark Side”, you have helped to bring in this dark energy. This is a time to be sure to Heal yourselves of the Darkness within and the darkness you have been subjected to. Know that this is a time for Healing and this is a time for a good, deep, look within yourselves for your darkness, for that which you have inflicted upon others. Ask for forgiveness from those who are living and from those who are no longer on the planet. They will hear you. Do face yourselves and go within to find that which is your Excuse for not doing your Work on yourselves. There are many who have put off doing the work on themselves in order to bring about the change they wish to see in this world. There is no more time to turn away from your angers, pains, resentments. I say to you, look within and see the Real You without the excuses for the whys and the wherefores of your lives.
This is Ascension time, this means cleaning out the closets of your souls, of your attitudes and your hearts. There is no more time for the usual excuses some of you feed yourselves regarding your reasons why you have NOT DONE THE WORK! You are needed Now, not at some future date when you decide to do it, but RIGHT NOW! Do put your energy upon healing yourselves and the dark places within, bring the Light to those places. Don’t be surprised if you see Mr. or Mrs. Ego sitting in those dark places. The Lightworkers Must Awaken NOW! Otherwise you may step aside and wait for the next train to Ascension. Think on these things I have said to you tonight carefully. And board the train or step aside now, we Love and Bless you all. Goodnight my Dears, I am Hermes.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 8/20/2021 8:50pm