White Buffalo Calf Woman – 2/12/10

It is a Time for the Wisdom of the Elders; it is a time for all peoples to come together, led by the Elders of the many  tribes of Nations upon the Earth Mother.  There are  Gentle Souls who must come to the forefront and lead humanity in its’ final Adventure to the Stars.     I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I am here to remind all that the time is fast approaching when ALL WILL be asked to give an account of Who they are and what they are doing and have done upon the Earth Mother!   It is Deeds that will matter, and not just words!  Who Are You?  What Are You?  What Have You Contributed of yourself to raise up Humanity from its’ degraded position that is all too evident on the Planet at this time.   Have you been a part of that degradation?   Have you been in Total Integrity with Yourself? Have you been one who leads the way out of the Pit of Despair or the one who drags others deeper into the pit with you?   Are you a person who encourages and helps those who want to learn Truth?  Or are you one who says the words without Living them?    This is a time when all on Mother Earth must be completely honest with themselves in order to change their Paths if that is needed.  You cannot go forward if you are following a path that is blocked by a boulder.    The Earth is ready to move forward into Lighter Dimensions and she very much wishes to take all with her.  This cannot happen if you do not have the courage to Change.  It is Up To You!  You are no longer spiritual children; the Elders Must Stand Up in Integrity!   Beauty awaits you, and Love and Kindness abounds, the Path is clear, now Step Forth Into the Light!   Sleep in Mother Earth’s Arms!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   Friday 2/12/10  11:03 pm