Veridan – April 15, 2008

We Are One!  All Beings on the Earth and your Star Family are of One Harmony in the vast Music of the Spheres!  Together, we complete the Harmonies of the Universe!  We are your Sisters and Brothers from the Alpha Centauri  System.   We have been watching over you for millennia.  Now, it is with great joy that we assist you in the end of the duality that you have lived in!    We have nudged and prodded those who would listen, over the years.  The Light Energies that are flooding the Earth now are very strong indeed!  There is some discomfort in your physical bodies and in your emotional bodies as well.  Know that this is a temporary condition; it will soon pass.  The symptoms that you are experiencing are from the transformation from carbon-based to a crystalline-based body structure.  This is effecting your emotions in a big way, so don’t become discouraged as this is all a part of the New You!    Do ask for help from the higher realms when it is needed!  You must remember to ASK for assistance, as this is a free-will universe and we will not impose ourselves upon you!  You Do Not HAVE to go through this alone!   We are Here!  Call on us!   We on the ship Gateway Five are Healers who are serving the Light of the One in this Mission!   We urge you to be Kind to yourselves.  We urge you to feed your bodies with the purest food and water that is available to you and to feed your souls with  loving, peaceful and energetically pure thoughts that will keep you in line with the higher vibrations that are suffusing the planet!    You are ALL NEEDED NOW!   Do the Work of the Soul in Joyful Abandon and you will usher in the New Earth and the New Vibrational Shift of the Ages!  I am Veridan and I bid you Good Night!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   April 15, 2008  10:51 pm