St. Germain Tuesday,  March 18, 2008 

Good Morning to you My Dears!  I’ve come to you this night to speak of your future.  There is much scurrying to and fro in the halls of governments worldwide.  Oh, to be sure your Markets are being shaken to their core!   There is much going on that you are all sensing beyond your television sets!   This is the beginning of the real change, as those who have misled the People of the world are scampering about in an effort to continue to hold their power and to keep the status quo.  While this will be uncomfortable for many, it will be a time of learning.  Never again will citizens of this world allow themselves to be lulled as they have been by the promises of those in power!   Never again will they turn away from the price that the Earth Mother has paid for those goods that have been sold to them with the promises of ease and happiness!   There will be a Great Learning, a Change of Heart in the lives of many around the world.   This is the appointed Time for the next step in the growth of humanity!   Your bodies are already changing into their new Crystalline structures and now your minds will change regarding your connection and Total Dependence upon the Earth Mother!   One of the biggest changes that humanity will experience is an attitudinal one regarding giving away their own power for the False Promises of leaders who would enslave them instead.   There will be a time of adjustment that will allow for the old ways to fade away, the New will be implemented as quickly as possible in accordance with the Divine Plan.   We have had much help from your sisters and brothers from the Stars and we, and they look forward to our Blessed Re-union!     We salute you all!  We Bless you for your Steadfastness in Holding  The Light High for All to see!   We will have our Reunion before you know it!   Be Kind to each other until we meet again!   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  Tuesday  March 18, 2008   4:01 am