St. Germain – Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Freedom that you look for is here!  It is in your Hearts and in your Minds!  The long dark road that you have walked is at an end!   This is the Decreed Time for the End of the Stranglehold of the Slaves of the Dark upon the Earth!   I am St.  Germain and I come to you tonight to proclaim the Truth of your Sovereignty and to Ring The Bell of Freedom for All Life upon the Earth!   You have all come a long way in learning to Value Freedom and you are now ready to Proclaim and to Live your lives as True Daughters and Sons of Lady Liberty!   Enough of you have felt the pain of your actions and INACTION upon your fellow travelers and upon the Earth Mother herself, and this is enough to activate the Hearts within all of Humanity!   You are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty come to Lead the people of the world to an elevated Spirit Within The New Earth!   You have crossed the threshold of hesitation!   More of you have acknowledged that you Will No Longer Be Bound by the Illusionary Will of the Enslavers!     What is coming to pass, what is happening right now is the shift from the Agreement to participate, in the “masks and mirrors game” that has dominated societies on the Planet for Millennia.   You are the Way showers!  You are the Freedom Bearers!  You are the Rainbow Warriors of the Light!  It now is in your Capable hands to Light the Torch of Freedom whose Fire is Seen Around the World!  Good Work My Dears!   Telepathic  Communication   by Spirit Eagle  Tuesday  January 22, 2008  9:54pm