St. Germain – Thursday, 6/20/2013 

It is the Season of the Change of seasons.  The New Beginning of your Summer is to be a marker for your near future.  There are those who would have you continue in your blind faith in leaders who have, Betrayed you and who continue to betray you no matter how loyally you follow.  That, My Dears, is the word to examine: “follow”.  When you put your faith in others and not in yourselves, you will find that you are continually betrayed. 

You, My Dears are Sovereign Beings who have been given every gift that your Leaders have, yet you still see yourselves as “Little” compared to them!  This is what you have been taught in every way conceivable.  This is Not the Truth!
Place yourselves on an equal basis with your world leaders.  You are here at this time to bring a Renaissance on this Planet that has not been seen before.  Those who follow Must Now Lead!  Those who Lead Must Now Follow!  This is a New Day, a New Season Beginning, with a shout of Freedom!  Freedom for All Living Creatures!  This Freedom entails Courage to bring it forth.  You Are Called to Courage!  You Are Called to Mastership!  You Are Called to Be the Wisdom you have become over lifetimes of learning on this Beautiful Planet.
Now is the Time to let go of those who cannot follow until they are ready.  You will find those who are and you will help each other, encourage and Love each other. 

You are the Rainbow Warriors foretold to come in times of great changes in your evolutionary Path.  This is one of those times!  You are the Treasures My Dears!  I have watched you grow, I have whispered in your ears words of encouragement when you have been low.  Be Ready!  Ready to Create Your New Destiny!  Have Courage and Know that you are Not Alone!   I Am St. Germain.  I bid you good night My Dears.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle     Thursday, 6/20/2013  10:20 pm