St. Germain – October 21, 2010

St. Germain:  We have been very busy  as you can imagine in the halls of your governments, your “places of power”.  As you know, these are places of great darkness for the powerful, for the most part, are very used to what you call, “corruption”.  The everyday “business” of your many governments is often one of lies, deceit, and and what you might call, “Sins Against Humanity”.    There has been a great reluctance to put down the sword of greed and of power.  There are those who will Not go forward if they are to give up one gold coin.  There has been much progress, and yet those who want it All for themselves want to take humanity down with them if they are asked to give up their power, their sheckles, their Control!  This will Not happen!  The battle has been lost, yet they are unwilling to acknowledge this fact.    As each of You change what must be changed within yourselves, you are creating the atmosphere of Truth that is needed at this time.  You are all connected, as you know, and each person’s progress is affecting the Whole.  It is Not just about the Cabal’s actions it is about Yours too!     I ask you this, “how courageous are you on your journey Within?”  As you face yourselves and Change yourselves and the manner in which you have lived this and other lifetimes, all of humanity will also adjust to this “ripple in the fabric of Universal Oneness”.  This is the Connection that will bring forth the Change in the Cabal’s activities.  Do you not see that you are sisters and brothers under your outer shells?  Those who are creating havoc at this time are as little children who have never learned the Art of Sharing.  They have been brought up to worship money and power as their gods.  They are frightened.  And they are angry and want to hurt others and take Everything away, even life itself!  That will Not happen!    There is a great Awakening happening upon the Earth Mother!  It is the rousing from Ancient Sleep the Great, Sleeping Giant that is the PEOPLE of this most beautiful Planet.    The Cosmic whisper is rippling on the breeze of Truth, tugging at the Veil that is falling from the faces of Humanity and as you awaken, your roar will be as the Lion expressing: “No More!”  The Earth is for ALL to Love and Caretake!  Your Time Has Come!    I Am St Germain.  You Are Greatly Loved!   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  October 21, 2010  4:30 pm   These Messages may be posted to other sites, Only in their Entirety and do not Title them as I write them as Given to me.  These Messages are Copywrited. Thank You!  Spirit Eagle