St. Germain –  Monday July 4, 2011

Good Evening!  Yes, I am here on your “Independence Day”!  The Independence you celebrate has yet to come!  There are those who would and Have, taken your Liberty from you!  This has been done behind the scenes, not always blatantly for all to see.  As more of the Goddess/God given Freedom has been usurped by those who see you as less than nothing except as a means to their greed, the more tightly you have become bound in Fear.  Fear for shelter, food, safety, all are fast moving away from your ability to bring these to your families.    This has been a well-planned, execution of a world domination by the Dark Ones.  They will Not succeed IF YOU WAKE UP to the nightmare that you are Living.  Shut off your Televisions; they only “Tell the “vision” of the Dark Ones!  Open your eyes to the New that is before you!  The New World as you want it to be!   How do you see your new world?    Sisters and Brothers, you cannot expect your governments to “take care of you”.  You have ALL seen what that expectation brings!  ALL OVER THE WORLD!  You must Help EACH OTHER for you are truly sisters and brothers in ONE Human Family.  We have guided and nudged the reluctant among you.  You must take care of each other in the tough times.  That is what Families DO!  YOU ARE THE HUMAN FAMILY!    MANY WILL WAKE UP TO THE DARK DEEDS THAT HAVE BEEN AND ARE RIGHT NOW BEING DONE IN YOUR NAME!   For the United States, the words, “We the people”, have a very powerful meaning.  NOW is the time for you to UNITE as One People in your country and as One with the people of the whole of the world!   The time of the Ostrich is Over!  Bring your heads up, Look around at what has happened to your world while you were hiding in the sand, and say, “No More”!  WE ARE FREE!!!  WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE CREATOR, WE WILL NO LONGER BE YOUR DOCILE ROBOTS!   The Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters are working on the Earth’s behalf to bring full Disclosure and the Prosperity of the Ages to you!  You need to Decide to be FREE NOW!   You are all watched over and loved.  I am St. Germain Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Monday July 4, 2011  10:22 pm