St. Germain – July 25, 2011

The House of Cards Will Fall.  The time has come for that which was hidden to come into the light of day for all to see.  The world is watching as one country after another reveals its’ Dark Side of Greed and Inhumanity.  World governments Cannot Stand in the Face of the Truth and of the Light that shines upon the Dark Deeds of those who profess to have Humanity’s good uppermost in their actions.   There is no more time to abide the injustices and the evil machinations that have been hoisted on humanity.  This is a Time for All of Humanity to reclaim its’ power.  Your Time Has Come!  This is the fulfillment of the Promise!  You All came here at this Time to Give of yourselves with Courage and unflagging Determination to set yourselves and the Earth Mother Free of the pain and destruction wrought by those who consider themselves your “Masters”!   The Upliftment of humanity is at hand!  Come out of your cubbyholes into which you have retreated for millenia and Stand In the Millions and Billions and declare, “No More”!  No More will the Children of Earth be led to the slaughter on the Altar of the Greed of the few!  No more will you close your eyes or turn away from the pain and destruction of your sisters and brothers across your planet.  Now YOU WILL TAKE YOUR POWER BACK AS DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF CREATION!    I, St. Germain salute you as the great and powerful beings you have forgotten that You Are!  You All Are Called To Action NOW!   Go Forward in Trust that you have waited Millennia for this Moment in Time!  Listen WITHIN!  That is where all knowledge resides.   Know that the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation are facilitating the moment of the Changeover into a new way for All Beings upon the Earth Mother.   Let your Hearts lead you!  Let your voices be heard as the Mighty Roar of the Lion Goddess!  This is your Moment, Rainbow Warriors of the Light! Rest, for there is much to Do NOW!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Monday July 25, 2011 1:00 am