St Germain – Friday  November 6, 2009

I Am St Germain:  There is much that is happening on your world.  There is, as you know, a game being played out for the Soul of Humanity!   What is happening all over the Earth, is a battle for Complete Power over, and Complete subjugation of All of you!   Will you Continue to live in fear?  Will you cry out to your Enslavers for help, for protection from the calamities that they have Created for you?  This, my friends is the Crossroads!  Which Path will You take?   Will you take the Path of continued and complete oppression for the Illusion of Safety?  Will you straddle the fence that sits atop the Earthquake Fault waiting to see which way the fence falls?  Or will you Now Proclaim your Soverignty, as FREE, Children of the Goddess, the Great Mother of All?  ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD?  Are you Willing to Speak Up FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILY?   Are you ready to claim your individual Person-hood.   Many are aware now of the not always ‘good intentions” of those  who would lead you.  There are some who are True Warriors of the Light who are protected by US.  Humanity Must Change in order for there to Be Change!  This will Not be done FOR you!  The Galactic Federation of Light, the Ascended Masters, and the Angelic Realms are Ready at a moments notice to put the Plan into Action, but You Must Call it Forth by BEING Sovereign Souls who will Stand up for yourselves!  You are truly WHO you have been waiting for.    We are close to a point of Critical Mass.  You ALL are needed Now!  Remember Dear Ones,  that we are here to help You, and you Must do your part in bringing the Light and the New World into Being!  Into this Third Dimension, this material world, when it is Needed, it will be time to say to those who would lead you into further slavery, ENOUGH!   I AM A FREE AND SOVEREIGN BEING OF LIGHT!   We are here.  We are working to bring to fruition the Plan for a New Earth, a True Peace!   Till we speak again, I Am St. Germain.   Telepathic  Communication  by Spirit Eagle  Friday  November 6, 2009  5:53 pm