St. Germain – February 1, 2010

Yes, it is I, St. Germain.  I wish you all to know, that we are “Not asleep on the job”!   We realize that the events of this- last year have been somewhat confusing to many of you.   It is as it always was, the battle for Power that the Darkness has tried to superimpose upon Humanity.   I say “tried” because the Energies on the Earth Mother are very intensely being raised to unprecedented levels.   If you hold onto the old ways of living with yourselves, and refusing to Look into your hearts and to admit to yourselves that you have not always followed the highest path for your soul, then you will be impacted in an uncomfortable way by the Changes in Energy upon the Earth now and in the predictable future.  And as You are impacted, so it will be with All souls on the Earth at this time.    Those who cling to the Comfortable Darkness will be forced out of their limiting views of themselves and of the world as it is Now!  No one can hide from themselves anymore!   There is a New Day Dawning in which Humanity will burst forth out of it’s manipulated reality and truly SEE the Light!    Those who work on your behalf to bring the changes to you, to open your eyes to the slavery that has been your Imposed Inheritance are beloved by Heaven.  You all have your own work to do on yourselves, and in your families, and in your communities.  Change begins with something small:  one thought!  From that thought:determination to change yourselves and to change your communities and your world, One Person at a Time.  This begins with your change of yourself, Go Within FIRST!  You will find your Truth and your Courage THERE!   We are here watching and working for the Manifest Vision of a New Human Family!  Be in Peace and in Courage while you face yourselves.  Know that the Next Step is to Step into your Soverignty and go forth as Warriors of the Light!   Be Honest with yourselves, have Courage to Change and to Grow!  Be Happy that these times are upon you NOW!  Blessed Ones Go In Peace and With Courage into the  Creation of your New World!  Good Night My Dears.  We expect Great Deeds from You! Rest in the Great Mother’s Arms!   Telepathic Communication   By Spirit Eagle    February 1, 2010  10:43 pm