St. Germain 3/4/16

There is a time coming when you will see as in the “Eye of the Hurricane” where Stillness and Peace resides.  This period will prepare you for the final push through the miasma that you have all been in, of unfulfilled dreams, hearts”s desires and deep spiritual longing for the world as you Know it Can be!   Many have lost their connection to themselves, to the Divinity within!
When you come out of the Eye of the Hurricane it will be with renewed strength and determination to see this Ascension Process through to the end.   This period will be one of respite and renewal for all of Humanity and all of the Kingdoms extant on Mother Earth at this time.    When you are in this Eye of the Hurricane, prepare for your New Life on a renewed Mother Earth when the “Hurricane” is over!   The Winds of Chaos will blow through the Earth with a cleansing of all that is unwanted or needed for Humankind and Mother Earth”s next steps into A New Dawn.
This period is truly one of Spiritual Mastery!   Be Masters of Yourselves and all of your Energies.  You are no longer little children Spiritually!  (you may feel that way sometimes, but it is time for you to step out of that persona!  You are here now because you have a purpose for your soul’s growth and for the Ascension of the same along with your Great Mother, The Earth.   You are here to help your brothers and sisters to recognize their own power!   By being a Warrior of the Light, you are showing them who They Truly Are!  You are all connected!  Remember that!  Honor each other’s Gifts!  You are All Unique and Beloved by Creator and all of Creation!   Step up to the Crystalline Door and Walk through to your Next Adventure!  We will be on the other side of that door!
I am St. Germain and I look forward to opening that door for you!  Good Night My Dears!  Sleep Peacefully this night in the Great Goddess’ Arms!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  3/4/16  10:41 pm