Relay Relay Relay The Mother Goddess 5/8/11

I Am Mother of All.  I Am In All!  I have watched you well through the Dark Night of your Soul.  I have guided you and lifted you up when you have fallen.  I have steadied  you when you have faltered.   I Am the Goddess of All.  I love with the Sweetness of a Mother’s Heart.    Honor me by the Life that you Live!  Be in Integrity in All that you do!  Be My courageous children who create a New and Heart-filled Path for All Beings to walk.   You have Always been Loved!  You have Always been guided, even when you walked down the darker paths of life, I was there urging you to fulfill the Destiny that you planned when you came here, the destiny that would bring you into The Light Forevermore!   A little while, and your sojourn on the Earth in third dimensional reality will fall away into the mists of Time as you rise collectively into the Higher Dimensions of Peace and Freedom, Love and Infinite Beingness.  All of you, all of my Creations will come back to the bosom of your Mother.  I welcome you All!  Come, Be At Peace.  We are One!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Sunday May 8, 2011   11:59 pm