Relay Relay Relay St. Germain 6/30/2012

Peace is decreed! An end to the suffering of the Earth Mother and ALL of her Kingdoms is
about to unfold! This is the Time you have been awaiting! It is Unstoppable! Those who would delay through chicanery are being removed now. The Will of the Light Is being implemented now! I am St Germain!

As you go through your days now, Know that you are at the end of a long Dark Tunnel and you are walking into the Light of Ten Thousand Suns! We are here with you! You are not, and have Never been alone through this journey to the Stars! We are your sisters and brothers of the Heart, of the Love of the Universal Wisdom. Although many are feeling the repercussions of the End of this Journey, KNOW that this is the End of this Long trek through the wilderness of a world that is sick and bleeding in Her body and in her heart and even in her pain is filled with Love for all, even those who have hurt her the most!

At this time the ones who have held the reins of the governments of this world are in a panic for they know that their “party” is over. Their Plans for conquering this Earth are unraveling in short order! They would destroy Life on this Earth if they could! They are cornered and seek a way out! Theirs is a futile search, but the Earth Mother will be ravished NO MORE! ALL of the company of Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light are here to aid and protect the Earth from these Minions of the Dark!

You, who are committed to the protection of the Earth, and to the safety of humanity, THIS IS YOUR SHINING MOMENT! THIS IS THE TIME YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! With love in your hearts, with courage and strength of Will, with Peace and Commitment to
FREEDOM for All Beings everywhere, go forth and be a leader in the GREAT ARMY OF LIGHT! Stand with your sisters and brothers across the world and say, “No” to Tyranny, and “Yes” to Justice! The Drum beats with the Heart of the Mother Earth. Synchronize with it, it will keep you grounded. Take this moment and Be in Courage for you are THE RAINBOW WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT! YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME!

We are at your side in this Battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of Humanity! The Time Is NOW!

Good Night, my Dears, rest well, and Be Ready! Gird yourselves in the Armor of LIght and in the armor of Courage and in the armor of Love!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 6/30/12 10:23 pm