Relay Relay Relay Sofere & Marduk 1/29/15

Good Evening:  We are here this night to confirm that the energies are changing with a rapidity you haven’t experienced before.  The light headedness that many are feeling in waves of disconnect will come and go at this time.  As you feel ungrounded during these periods try to relax into it if at all possible.  It will soon pass.  Your bodies are adjusting to the newer energies that the Earth Mother is feeling.  You are intimately connected with Her.  Ask for help when you are in need of it!  We, are here monitoring the Earth and All upon her.  I am Sofere and I am on the Ship, the Gold Star.  Others wish to speak now.  Adieu!
In the next weeks and months you will see, hear and learn things about your world that many are unprepared to learn.  Revelations regarding every aspect of Life on Earth will be shocking for some but somewhat expected by others.   Those who have clung to the illusion of mighty governments governed by “wise people” will be shocked to learn of the corruption of humanity’s “leaders”.   There will come a point in time when No One can look away and go back into their “uncomfortable” comfort zones.  No One!  What so many are working for in the higher realms is about to be opened to all of Humanity and that is the Truth of Earth’s history and what is behind the Living Nightmare that so many souls are experiencing at this time!   You are beginning to see for yourselves that those you have revered and expected to  take care of you have only taken care of themselves and their cohorts.

This is Humanity’s Time of Reckoning!  It is a time to face yourselves and what has been done to the Earth Mother in Your Name.   The Earth is a part of you!  Everything on the Earth and of the Earth is a part of you!  If she is sick, well then, so are you!  You are not separate from All of Life!  Now is the time for courage!  Now is the time to take responsibility for your lives as you lived them up until now.   Now is the time for a complete change of Mind, Values and Actions!
Living in Integrity is one of the most important qualities of life that you can Own at this time!  Going WITHIN is WHERE YOUR  GUIDANCE will lead you.  Open your hearts to yourselves, and to your families, and to all of life on this precious Earth! 

We walk with you through your journey into the New world of your making.  Be strong for these times.   Courage, Integrity, Kindness and Strength of Character will see you through!  You are greatly loved!  Look to your skies and you will see us!  Rest for you will be very busy before too long. I am Marduk.  Good Night!  We, on the Gold Star Salute You on this Journey back to your Selves!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   1/29/15  11:14 PM