Relay Relay Relay Monday 10/10/11 St. Germain

There is great joy this night in the heavens!  The people of the Earth Mother are gathering together, are understanding their Roles in the Changes that are happening Right Now!  There is No Turning Back to the old ways that have kept you “Locked Down” in an ancient Dark Night of the Soul!

The veil has been lifted and the People see more clearly what has been hidden from your view.  The Soul of Humanity is stronger than the Forces which have held you in fearful paralysis!   The Light is on the Ascendancy!  Those who would continue to enslave you may beguile you with words to lull the innocent into falling asleep and “Being taken care of” again.  Remember that You Are Sovereign Beings!  You can take care of yourselves AND EACH OTHER!  

My Dears, I am St. Germain.  I have known this country, the United States since its’ inception.  The promise of which has NOT been fulfilled!  This great dream, this country that began with high ideals that were NOT fulfilled, just manipulated by the Old Dragon families,  is at a threshold of the fulfillment of it’s first promise to be a Beacon of Light to this world!  

The young ones, the souls who are awaking their elders who have been in the mire and muck of base survival and flawed belief systems, are a Great Army of Light Beings!  These souls who are leading the Way have gifts of insight, fortitude, strength and courage to Be Peace, when faced with violence, hatred and the Status Quo.  They are the Wayshowers!  Follow them into Your Future! 

They have the Energy, and, as you say Spirit Eagle, the Old War Horses will send them energy, march with them, guide them in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence.  He helped the people of India to free themselves as a country.  You will help to free your country and the World. 

The young people of the world have called for change, now the young in your country have joined them.  It is an impossible world where the young have nothing to look forward to, and so these souls have joined hands, to help to make this civilization what it was meant to be from the beginning.  The Elders must join together with the young to bring to Fruition the Great Dream of Humanity.

Ring The Bell of FREEDOM NOW!   Sing and Dance in the Streets for your Enslavement is at an END for ALL TIME!   

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle    Sunday   *October 10, 2011 12:02 am

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Spirit Eagle