Relay Relay Relay Master R and Rama October, 2011

This Message was received in late October.  Blessings,  Spirit Eagle

The Light of a thousand suns is lighting this world and her sisters and brothers, the other planets in your solar system.  We have come to help with the birthing into a New Higher Dimensional frequency.  We are with you now as before when the Earth was young  We also, are your sisters and brothers from this Universe and others Beyond!
You are collectively graduating to be the Teachers and Wayshowers  for other worlds.  You will travel as we do and bring the Light to countless universes and planets within universes.  You will, in this way travel on and with the Earth Mother.
You have been steeped in great darkness at times, and you are quickly moving into The Great Light that never dims!  There was a beginning and there is no end!  It is the All, the One.  The Alpha and Omega into eternity!
Be in the Great Silence of your souls, for it is there that Truth resides, All Knowing, All Seeing, All Being!  That which you seek is Already Within!
Close down your computers, the box you call tel-a-vision, Ah, that is good!  But the visions in that box do not always tell all of the Truth as it Is Now!
You are living in the dream of humanity at a time when All creations must be transmuted!  This is what humanity is facing and living now!
I will send a Great Wind to blow away the ditrius of your minds so that you will see clearly what you have been about for these aeons of time.  
There is a great shaking upon the Earth that is in your governments, clearing away the illusions that were constructed in ancient times.   There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide for those who have worked to enslave the people.  It is Over, for their dreams of kingly glory are but a mote of dust in the mind!  It is falling apart for them now.   It is falling together for the remainder of humanity.  
Now, the Work begins for Humanity to build a civilization that is Civil, Compassionate, and Loving.   The Old Ways of Competition, Insecurity, Hatred are  of an old vibrational pattern that has had its’ day and which no longer serves humanity.  You are proving to yourselves that You Are One People!  We Salute You!  And Honor and Respect you for the courage you are finding within yourselves to say “No” to all oppression of people, animals and the Earth Herself!
Ask, and the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation of Light and all of the Heavenly Hosts are with you!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  October, 2011 8:20 pm

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