Relay Relay Relay Loreli May 23, 2010

(Note) Twice during this Message, a Hummingbird hovered around by head while I was receiving this Message).   Loreli:  Good Evening Spirit Eagle!  You and your Lemurian Sisters are connected with us this night.  Yes, the Hummingbird confirmed the Connection!    There is much to do in the beginning of the changes that are taking place on Dear Mother Earth.  The lessons will come hard and fast for Humanity now!!!  Not only are your bodies changing but your Beings are expanding like never before.  There is a Plan afoot that will and Is backfiring on those who would continue to keep the Mother and Humanity in Servitude to the Dark.   This is a time for All to Give to themselves the Honesty IN Clarity with your Soul’s highest purpose.   We, in Inner Earth have never left your sides.  Be willing to make the sacrifices that you must make in order to Birth the New Earth.  Each of you knows what that is.  Above all be honest with yourselves for that is the Way to Enlightenment.   We have been on the surface more than ever.  Many walk past us unaware.   I am glad that you and your Twin Flame heard my promptings for it is time for the next step.  Everyone will Know what that is by going Within.  Yes, the Hummingbird came and emphasized that WITHIN is where you will find your answers.  Yes, we will have some encounters and if you ask us, we will tell you where we are from!   There is a great separation in the making at this time.  The best that you can do is to Walk, to live in True Integrity no matter what happens around you.  Be the Peace and the Love that you were Always meant to be.   Know that the Divine Plan for Earth is outworking Now!  Stay Calm, Clearheaded and Happy in Being Alive at this time of the Great Awakening.  It is the hour that you have worked towards for aeons of time.  There is much more to do!  Hold Peace Within you, be a constant source of peace in this changing, transforming world.   We have not forgotten any of you.  Know that the Three are watched over as well as their Sisters and Brothers upon Our Mother Earth.   Go forth, have some dinner.  The Paschats have done well today.  Good Night!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle    Sunday May 23, 2010  6:30 pm