Relay Relay Relay 5/12/12 St Germain

This is the time you have been waiting for over millennia.  There is a Moment when all is ready for activation.  This is It!  What may seem like the same old problems surfacing have become the First step into the Truly New!  It is the time that you have been waiting for. 

The people of the world are awakening and removing themselves from the Matrix that has kept you zombie-like slaves from ancient times.  Those who have enslaved the people of the Earth Mother are at a place of reckoning now.  The Change is upon you!  Your Hearts and Minds are ready for the new!  There Is No Going Back to the Old Ways that have benefited only the few.  The New World has been waiting for you to take back your personal power and stand as Free Beings of Creator! 

There are No “They” who took almost All from you!  You have Allowed what is before you.  As you Collectively Awaken to the harshness of this creation, Feel for All who are hurting!  All Living Beings are suffering right now.  Your Earth Mother is suffering, yet she has and Still gives of herself to you.  Now, as you look around you, can you not say that This Is Enough?  Enough repetitious pain and suffering in All kingdoms on the Earth Mother?  (Not just Human)

I, St Germain, tell you that it is not enough that your political systems will change, that your money systems will change, that your environment will be cleaned (with your assistance); but what I say to you is that YOU must change in order for this New Creation to Flower!  This is Your work!  This is Your Destiny! 

In the Days to come, it will be Your Hands and Hearts that will transform this world!  In order to create this you must become Heart-Centered Humans and no longer remain Self- Centered as in childhood.  You Are the Adults; you Are the Bringers of the New Dawn upon the Earth Mother!  Stand Tall and Strong in your Hearts, Minds, and Souls!  You are Leaders in the Army of Compassion for ALL!  We Walk with you!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   Sunday May 12, 2012  9:47pm

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