Relay Relay Relay 3/15/11 Metatron

These are the times that were foretold.  These are the times FOR WHICH YOU ALL CAME TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR DESTINY WITH YOUR EARTH MOTHER!  I am Archangel Metatron.  I wish you all to REMEMBER your Agreements to accomplish in THIS LIFETIME your soul’s Destiny.   Remember WHO YOU ARE!  Remember that you came here to accomplish the Birthing of the New Earth into the Higher Dimensions.  There is much pain and suffering on the Earth at this time as you well know.  There is suffering in All Kingdoms of this world right now!  Remember that you are here to HELP each other in all situations presented to you!  We, and your sisters and brothers from the “Stars” are assisting as we can.   Much that has happened these past years has been orchestrated by those who still wallow in the darkness of their souls.  Every offer of assistance has been rejected, and there is much anger at the thwarting of their Plans!  They have stopped at nothing to retain their illusory “control” over you and the Earth Mother.  There is a time of reckoning for those whose addiction to power and control is unquenchable.    This quake in Japan and other large earthquakes in the recent past would have been worse had the Space Brothers and Sisters not intervened.   This was not all a natural process that precipitated the earthquake.    We have all been assisting in lessening the danger from the nuclear plants.  The people are suffering and their suffering will have a purpose.  Humans will finally begin to see the results of GIVING YOUR POWER TO THOSE  WHO WOULD LEAD YOU!     Nuclear radiation is Not controllable!  It is Not SAFE!  Safe is taking care of your Mother Earth, it is Not taking her lifeblood nor tearing up her body for your SMALL conveniences! You ALL came here to Ascend WITH your Earth Mother, not to Despoil her!  Remember, Remember, Remember…..  I Am Metatron.   Ghondor:  Hello Little One!  I wish to remind you all to use visualization to TRANSMUTE the radioactivity from the Nuclear   Plants in Japan and All over the world where this substance of death is used!   Visualize it as a harmLess substance.  Know that the power of the mind and the desire to eliminate all harmful emissions is what is needed now.  See your atmosphere clean and free of airborne radioactivity.  Bring your Love and Compassion to those who are suffering so greatly in Japan!    Remember that your work is not just in the third dimensional reality; your work is to go beyond and to BE THE MASTERS THAT YOU ARE NOW!  Bring the higher dimensions to your reality NOW!  IT is NEEDED NOW!  Remember to include All of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms in your visualizations and Transmutations!  We, are All working with you!  You are capable of healing ALL!

 telepathic communication by Spirit Eagle        Tuesday  March 15, 2011        10:40 pm  

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