Relay Relay Relay 2/8/11 Loreli

It is darkest before the Dawn.  Some of you have been awake at that time and can understand this meaning.  Well that is the place where Humanity is at this time on our Dear Earth Mother.    Some are feeling overwhelmed by the darkness but remember that it is only there to contrast with the Light.   We of the Elemental Kingdom have been “in the trenches” in this Dark War On the Natural World.   The feelings within Humanity’s Soul are being expressed as outrages upon the body of the Mother!  The Healing that is needed Must begin Within the Hearts, Within the Emotions of Humanity!    We ask that you NO LONGER sit on the sidelines as if at a game, but to take your Hearts and use those Feelings that have been deadened by your modern society’s quest for MORE of Everything.    ALLOW YOURSELVES TO FEEL WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR EARTH MOTHER AND ALL WHO LIVE WITHIN, ON AND ABOVE HER!   Only Then, can you Change course in the destruction of your MOTHER the Earth!   Wherever you live, go to a place nearby and make – with your Natural World.  Appreciate the Life within the Tree!  Speak to it!  Sit under it!  Listen to it!  Yes, even Hug it and FEEL the Lifeforce within it embracing you as part of Creation!   Walk on the Earth and feel the living microbes and insects who live within it!  Feel the grasses under your feet.  Go to a Lake or stream or the ocean and put your hand or your feet in it; Love all of the Life that exists in the waters on this wondrous world!  Our Dear Mother, the Earth is Teeming with Life!  Humankind is only One Aspect of Life on the Earth, yet Humankind has created the most destruction here!   Now, Your Responsibility is to undo what has been done here.  We, the Elementals are Always working to repair what has been harmed.  NOW YOU MUST JOIN US!      In YOUR APPRECIATION of the Earth Mother of All, you will observe the impacts of your lifestyles around the globe.  It is now the Time for Humanity to GIVE BACK TO YOUR MOTHER without whom you would be unable to survive at all.  It is time for you as a species to be the Caretakers of the Earth, no longer to be the TAKERS on this Planet!   Join Us with a Light Heart and Integrity of Soul; be the Healers of the Earth in Gratefulness and Joy for the privilege of redemption by being Her New Children who truly Love their Mother into Pristine Health and Beauty!   Rest Well this Night as there is Much for you ALL to do!   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  Tuesday February 8, 2011 12:50 am