Relay Relay Relay 2/3/12 Geilguld

The “Red Star” you see in the east is, of course, not a star but a ship of the Galactic Federation of Light.  We have been participating in bringing the new to the Planet Earth.  

This is a period of much questioning of the Self and of how you have All lived upon your Earth Mother.  The old is being swept out of the door of your souls.  There is no room nor time to dally in the remnants of third dimensional reality.  Your bodies are transforming and your souls cannot inhabit bodies that are in the muck and the mire of the old ways of being.  Your bodies are preparing to receive the energies of the  fifth and higher dimensional planes. 

This time is one of letting go of old beliefs, old paradigms.  This New is bringing with it a Lightening of the Mass on the Earth.  She has called forth assistance from the higher realms and we are here to make her and your transition as smooth as possible.  This, I would like to add is not without work on your part.  What you are all facing IS YOURSELVES AND HOW YOU THINK, FEEL, AND EXPRESS!   As the Dark is purged from your planet, so too is the Dark within purged from the Self. 

There is a saying that “it is darkest before the dawn”.and I tell you now, This is your pre-dawn experience!  All that you collectively have carried in your souls from your present and past life experiences is surfacing to be examined, FELT, and Then released.  Then you can Freely go on in a new and cleansed way into your future.  You cannot run from the past that you have created for the Experience so that you could Grow and return to the God/essHead.   Only fear allows false Ego to reign supreme.   I am Gelgunde and my Ship is the Honoresse; we are from many Star Systems.  We urge you to Be In Your Own Power as Children of the God/ess!  Walk with Courage and In Integrity!  We walk with you!    I am Geilguld.  Good Night and Rest in the Loving Mother Goddess’ Arms!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   2/3/12   1:21am

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