Relay Relay Relay 2/24/11 Teri k tha

We are Warriors of the Light of the One.  We are Females in Service to the Goddess Of Light!  We are on the Ship whose name in your language translates as, “Academie”.  We are Teachers of, and in service to the Light of the One.  We have traveled many Light Years to be here at this Time of Ascendancy of your Planet.    This Transformation has been foretold!   There has been, as you know, much darkness in your lives, within your governments, and it has reduced Humanity to a state of lethargy within the Soul.   This, as you can see is lifting, as you can see all around your world, the People are realizing there Sovereignty, their Dignity, and their rights to live in a harmonious and loving world.   We, on the Academie are Warriors, much like your legends of Amazons of old.  We came to this Mission, with the intent to bring Balance and Harmony to Earth’s people.  We are on your surface at this time, in great numbers.   We appear as humans and those who can see “beyond” may recognize that we are more than can be seen with the eye.    We are in places where humans are still asleep to their Reality, we are in places of discord and dissension to assist in resolution of conflict, to bring harmony and peace.  We are in places where people deny the reality of their enslavement to those who would rule and ruin this beautiful Planet.  It is Not too late!  Awaken, Dear Sisters and Brothers of Earth!  Your Freedom from oppression is upon you!   Now is Your Hour of Awakening!  We Are With You!   I Am Teri k tha.   Take Refuge This Night in The Great Goddess of ALL!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle     Thursday  February 24, 2011  1:06 am