Relay Relay Relay 2/18/12 Hermes

Yes, My Dear, I, Hermes am here!  Your heart is heavy with all of the leave-taking of souls going onto their next journey?  Yes, there are many who are, and Will choose to leave at this time and that is Their choice for their soul’s continuance and growth!  As you know, this is a very intense period on the Earth Mother and all are not willing and/or able to withstand the Energies that are flowing onto the Earth at this time.  One has to dig deeply into ones’ soul to find the strength for this journey into the New. 

This is the Time of Testing and it is not a test imposed from without, but one from Within each and Every Soul!  You all came here at this Time to accomplish what You Individually, have to learn within these energies!  There is no “pass/fail”!!!   Some came for the growth of experience to be gained on a Planet that is about to ascend into a higher dimension, to experience the accelerated  learning and Feeling that comes with such an experience.  Others came to experience for a shorter or longer time in this process.  Still others came in order to complete the cycles of third dimensional experiences and to rise with the Earth into fifth and higher dimensional frequencies. 

There is no “Pass/Fail” in the Cosmos!  Just opportunity for Individual Growth that unites with the Oneness of the All that IS!  You are ALL accomplishing what you have come here to do! 

Open your hearts in compassion for All that you see happening on your world at this time.  Love Yourselves!  Love All Life living, breathing, multiplying. and yes, dying for truly there is only Love expressing in All of her Many Mysteries!  You are a Part of This Whole!  You are Not Separate from it! 

When you speak to one who is leaving, hold their hand and speak of what is ahead, and of completion of a job well done for his or her own growth.  Know that this is Their Bright moment and a completion that opens to a New Experience in their Journey to the Stars.

There are no true endings.   There are Only Beginnings.  Every moment is a New Beginning!  My Dears, Love yourselves, Love All!  Love, the Earth and All Creatures upon her for you are a part of the All and in so doing you are loving yourselves.

Rest, Be Kind to one another and BE LOVE EXPRESSED ON THE EARTH!  We, the Ascended Masters are with you all.  Ask and we will assist!   Rest Well In the Great Mother’s Arms.  Good Night My Dears!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  2/18/12  10:40 pm

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