Relay Relay Relay 12/31/11 St Germain

Yes, it is I, St Germain. I know you have questions. Let us see what this session brings. The people of Earth are waking up to what has been perpetrated in their names. The Rising of the Phoenix from the ashes of a war-torn, soul-sick, greed-infested, heartless society will bring a wind from its’ wings which will clear away the old and bring a New Way of living upon the Earth Mother.

The awakening of humanity from its’ slumbers of hypnosis is brought to you by the youth of your world. They understand that They will lose all, including life itself if you do not stand up as One People around the world and shout, “Enough!” They understand that there is no future for Any life form until Humanity Unites with love as brothers and sisters of One Mother!

There is still work to do before your wishes for the abundance are manifested. If you can, practice “gifting” now. Your gifts don’t have to be money unless you have some to spare. Give of yourself, your knowledge, your awareness, your loving heart, your compassion and your talents. FEEL, my friends, for ALL LIVING KINGDOMS UPON THE EARTH MOTHER! LIVE the New Earth NOW! Don’t wait for all of your monetary ducks to be lined up in a row!

Be vigilant, you are Not to be slaves to those whose arrogance is being laid bare for the whole world to see. It is up to the people in this Beloved America at whose birth I was present, to say “NO” to the Enslavement of your people and your sisters and brothers around the world! We are at “0” hour! The time for “letting someone else do it” is Past!

Rise now, like the Phoenix and from the ashes of the old, transform the Earth Mother for All of her children! Say NO TO TYRANNY! Remember that Unconstitutional law is NOT the Law of the Land!

The future asks of all to have the courage of your convictions, for this is the only way the changes that you seek will happen. NOW you join the ranks of your Family around the world to live life in a new way.

You are all loved and protected always. Just ask and we, the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation of Light will be with you immediately!

May this year be all that you have wished for! Good Night My Dears, sleep well in the Great Mother’s Arms!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 12/31/11 9:56pm

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