Relay Relay Relay 12/30/11 Tentron

We are here! We have come to assist you all in the Earth’s Transition to her next level of Being. Although it appears to you as though societies are falling apart, they are actually falling together. Your people have been lied to and manipulated for millenia. This state of affairs is at an end now. The Light that has reached your solar system from the Galactic Center is a factor in awakening humanity. Your Soul carries memories from the time before you came here, before you were manipulated into becoming a little being, rather than the Great Beings that you truly are. This Light is re-activating your DNA of 12 sequences, it is activating the parts of your brains that were asleep since ancient days on the Earth Mother. You are awakening exponentially! This is why many, if not most of you have been having many challenges in your lives. These energies assist you in awakening from the miasma of third dimensional reality. ALL ASPECTS OF YOU ARE BEING CHALLENGED TO BE THE HIGHEST AND BEST OF WHO YOU ARE NOW!

Do not falter. Do not turn away for when you do, you will only see Yourself and that is what is meant to be at this time. As all of you re-discover Who you are, you rise to meet the Earth Mother as she ascends to higher dimensional plains.

We are here in the millions and billions assisting the Earth Mother and you in this transition into your collective next steps of evolutionary growth. Many have been where you are now and we can assure you that all will be worth the opening of your minds and your hearts to a Reality that has been absent from your world for far too long. We of the Starship Electra salute you and encourage all to Be Peace! Live Love! Feel Kindness! Help Each Other…no matter what! You too will do what we are doing in assisting other worlds to rise in dimensional frequency! Your remembrance and experience is needed! I am Tentron.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle December 30, 2011 9:38 pm