Relay Relay Relay 12/14/11 Marduk

I am Marduk. I come to you to tell you that I have been where your Dark Cabal is this night! Because of this, I know what they are feeling. Their Dark Plans have become their Misdeeds in this reality. The law which they are enacting to constrain the People in ever more stringent ways will be their downfall as it was mine many eons ago. The repression that has befallen many countries on your world, has come to the doorstep of yours. (USA)

As the people wake up to the outrageous deeds that are being perpetrated on this “Land of the Free” there will be a great outcry to finally take back your nation from those who would Enslave you! Those who have sworn an oath to Defend your Constitution with their bodies will Do Just That! These courageous men and women will stand with you when the time is right.

Those who scheme and plan the enslavement of the world’s people will quickly find themselves on their rumps wondering what happened….and so fast!!! The Sleeping Lion has Awakened! There are some who are tasked with making the Changes that will ease the pain of the many who will have a little shock if they dally too long.

Spread the word far and wide! Stay in Peace and be Courageous! Fear Has No Place In This Work for which you were born! You are a Being of Light! Darkness is displaced by Light!

Feel compassion for your brothers and sisters who are attempting to completely Enslave you! Be a Beacon of Love and of Light to those around you and Shine that Light to the darkest corners of your world! THIS IS WHY YOU CAME HERE AT THIS TIME! We, of the Galactic Federation of Light are with you Now!!! Courage Now my Dear Friends!
Rest well this night as you will need your strength and fortitude for the days ahead! BE Peace!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Wednesday December 14, 2011 8:47pm

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