Portarth –  9/1310 

I am Rover, and I am on the Starship, “Woof”.  HA!   That is just a little “doggy humor” as they say.  I am a Science Officer on the Seronsa.  Really!   We have come into your Star System relatively recently.   We have been to your Earth during her Birthing and have continued to monitor her changes over hundreds of thousands of years.  We are a Very Old Civilization!   We have walked with you in the form that you know us.  We, like the Paschats, have left our kind with you so that you could learn balance and to definitely not take yourselves so SERIOUSLY.   We teach by example those qualities that you have needed to learn: loyalty, unconditional love, protection, service, and lightness of heart!   Our Sisters and Brothers who we left with you are Very Dear to us!  They volunteer for what can be a very brutal lifetime for some of them.  And Why do they do it?  Love, my Friends!  Love!  So you will learn How to Love!   We are by your side and will be there with you through the Ascension process.  I am I am Portarth and I look forward to speaking to you again My Friends!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  Monday  9/1310  10:55pm