Mother Mary – August 31, 2012

Tonight I am asking you all to visualize what it is that you want to see happen in this world. Do you want an End to All war? See it! Do you want to see Everyone with enough food, clothing and shelter? Do you want to see the Planetary Body of your Mother the Earth completely healed and free of the destruction that has caused her so much pain? Do you want ALL of the Kingdoms on the earth to be free of pain, destruction and manipulation by those who think of themselves as lofty “scientists”? Then I say to you it is past time to visualize what it is that you want to create on this, your Mother, the Earth.

I am Mother Mary and I ask you to connect with the Love that a new mother has with her child. See all living things as a part of you, as Your child. Love All of Life, unconditionally! Love, even those who have played their parts in bringing you and all of life to the brink of destruction for they too, once were aware of their connection to All of Life. We, the Ascended Masters know that you Can do this! There is much that will be revealed yet we ask you to Be In Your Hearts, to Be In Your Center when you hear this!

It is Time to shed the Old Way of Revenge. It is Time to embrace Unconditional Forgiveness. This Is the beginning of the End of duality. There is Only LOVE! This is Your test that you have brought before yourselves. Are you ready for the next steps in Ascension? You have waited and the Earth Mother has waited a very long time for this.

We tell you this: You are in the Midst of the Ascension process, even if it feels as if you are dealing with the same old problems. You are, but maybe more intensely as the Light impels a clearing out of the old. These are the dregs of the old way of living, of expressing, of going around in a circle with no way out. This is your Freedom calling! Your Soul’s longing for it’s release from this endless circle of duality! It is Here! Embrace All of Life Now! Feel All of Life! You are One with EVERYTHING!!!

Be In Peace! All Is in Divine Harmony and Oneness! Visualize! Rejoice! The Shackles Are Removed! Go in Peace and Joy for this NEW that you are creating Together! Good Night My Dears!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle August 31, 2012 9:28 pm