Moc-ta – April 18, 2008

I am Moc-ta.  I am on the larger, darker ship that you saw earlier.  We disguised ourselves as a large dark cloud.  The smaller cloud that was over the mountain was also a ship of the Galactic Federation of Light.   We, as many of you, are monitoring the various microwave and other towers that are extant in your country.   We have been given permission to transmute energies that spew forth from these tools of the Dark Ones.  They have many uses and are not used for your benefit.  You would be surprised at the large number of our craft that are engaged in this work.    This work will be of particular benefit as we get closer to the necessary Announcements that will pre-empt your general radio and television programming.  The people of Earth need to be free of Any artificial transmissions that are beamed at them (sleepiness, fear, confusion, pain, violence) in order to fully participate in the Changes in your governments and in your societies.    Know that You Are All Protected!  BELIEVE IT!   Call upon us and we will be at your side immediately!   You have been referred to as the “Ground Crew” and truly, you Are that!  You have held the Light as Warriors of the Light!   You have been steadfast in your Commitment to the Light!  Now is the Time to Show your Truth, to Speak your Truth and to Walk your Truth!   As you begin to open up to people who are uninformed of our presence in your skies, you will spread hope where there is none, and you will contribute to the Light Quotient that is permeating your planet!     We are ever grateful for your enthusiastic participation in this unprecedented opportunity!  You will see us soon and you will recognize us for we have been in many conferences together in your dream time.  You see, you are Active participants in what is coming to pass on the Earth.  You are more important to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Earth than you probably realize!   We are Here, just look up and you may see us walking toward you!  Good Night!    Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   April 18, 2008  10:28 pm