Miral – March 18, 2009

I am Miral.  I am on the Wingmaker Ship at your South Pole.  We have been assisting your Earth in her Ascension process and of course, ALL Lifeforms upon Her.  We have been, by our Ship’s presence, calibrating the Magnetosphere around your Planet.  This is necessary to change the frequencies of the Earth in order to ensure a smooth transition into the Higher Realms.  There may be some anomalous fluctuations within the magnetics on your Planet now.  Certain machinery may stop working, batteries may lose power, objects containing magnets may shut down suddenly and just as quickly, return to full power.    Do not be alarmed, as this is an expected consequence of fluctuations in the Magnetosphere.  Lifeforms can experience some dizziness.  Humans have Magnetite in the area of the brain where the “3rd Eye” is located (forehead area).  Just know that this is assisting your bodies in their transition into Light Bodies!     The intensities that you are feeling in ALL ASPECTS of your lives, (physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual) are the result of the level of energies flooding the Earth now. It is in your best interests to Relax Into Change.  By that, I mean let the Resistance go!  You are ALL affected by the energies and the changes that they bring to the Earth.  It will help you all a lot, if you are Willing to “change your mind” about concepts and beliefs that you have held dear to your hearts for a long time.  Some of these, may have even caused you much grief, but you have clung to them as drowning people hold onto flotsam in your oceans.    Remember, that you are at the Threshold of the  New World!  It is truly Time for All to Step Boldly into Your New World!  Rest Well, Refresh Yourselves for there is Much Work Ahead!   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle   March 18, 2009   9:54 pm