Master R – October 1, 2008

This is a night that is pivotal on your Planet.  The implications of what is being decided by the few that is affecting the many , will, in the field of potential, have great impact upon the Earth and on this Galaxy.  It is in the field of potential only at this time.  I am Master R and I call forth All of the Warriors of The Light this night and day, to put forth Your Intentions for this world as you want to see it become.   You might have noticed a heaviness in the air that bespeaks of the ensuing and ongoing battle that is being waged in the Astral Worlds for the control of Humanity’s destiny.  YOU WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT ARE NEEDED NOW!   YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO ACTION!   Focus upon the Victory of the Light flooding the Earth Mother as never before!  Stay Strong in your Vision for your New World and for your Victory over the Darkness that has strangled the Earth and all upon her.    That which is being planned behind the cloak of “governments” this night and day Will be disabled as you focus your intent upon the world that is being birthed as the New Earth in Golden frequencies of Love, Purity, and the  Oneness of All!   You are stronger than you realize!   BE PURE LIGHT!  Radiate this from you out into the World and beyond to other worlds in your Galaxy!   We, and your Star Families are working alongside you!   TOGETHER, we call forth the FULL FLOWERING OF HUMANITY IN THE REALIZATION THAT YOU ARE POWERFUL LIGHTS!  Claim the Earth Mother and all upon Her as Children of the Light!  Gird yourselves in the Light!  Put on your Shields of Light!  Unsheathe your Blue Flame Sword of Truth, Stand with Us and Reclaim the Precious Earth Mother for the Light in TOTALITY!   Radiate Peace,Compassion, Understanding, Love, and Forgiveness AND STRENGTH!   Your Fierceness is Needed Now!   YOU ARE CALLED TO ACTION!  We will be waiting for you!   Telepathic Communication by  Spirit Eagle    October 1, 2008  8:48 pm