Loreli – September 26, 2008 

Loreli here now.  Thank you for coming today.  Your Personal Paschat Warrior Did see what was happening here today!  He was going to take them on single-handedly!   There are Warriors of the Dark who are projecting their spirits to this and other Portals around the Globe in an effort to stop the Light that is building upon Mother Earth Now!  This IS a time in which Fierceness is Needed by the Rainbow Warriors of Light!  Fierceness for Truth and Justice and Oneness of the Light upon the Earth!  This is a time for Knowingness that this Mission (you may call it a Rescue Mission) Must Be Completed NOW!    We have been walking the Earth with you.  We Have been singing the Song of Love with you!   We Have been Whispering in your ear, the fulfillment of the Promise made so long ago (when you three closed the Portal) that we would, in the distant future, come together again as a Family United, having completed our Mission for the Ascension of all and for the Precious Earth Mother Herself!   We Will sing “Auld Lang Syne” TOGETHER AGAIN!  We will sing this time with Great Joy rather than Great Sadness!  We will See and Touch each other in the physical once again!  We will Hug and Laugh and Talk oh, so much!  We ask you to send protection to ALL Portals at this time, known and unknown!  This is the finality of the Dark Plague upon the Earth.   Now is the Time to Step Into Your Full Power!   You are on a Rescue Mission and your Light is Your Power.  Peace and Strength Be With You!   I am one of the Guardians of the Portals to the Inner Earth.  We want you to know that because the power of the Dark is weakening they are attempting EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to stop the increase of Light upon the Planet.  Unspeakable ceremonies and infliction of Fear and Pain upon the innocent is happening Right Now!  We ask you all to step into the Light of your Own Power and to Flood the Earth with Love and Compassion.  Put on your armor of the Warriors of the Rainbow.  Flood all of the Dark Places with Light!  The Light will, as you know, dispel the Dark for it must flee at its’ sight.  You are stronger than you have been Led to Believe!   Stand Up!  Stand Tall with your Sword of The Blue Flame!  It is Your Time to Shine as a Beacon for All To See!    Ah Ho!  I Am Adama.   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  September 26, 2008