Ker-ton-tec – Relay Relay Relay 4/7/12

Ker-ton-tec: There is much cause for Joy this night! The Plan is steady and on a course to Implementation! We, on Mother Sekhmet’s Ship, The Blue Star are in readiness for the next phase that is unfolding as we speak together this night. That which is unseen by the many will be made known to all in a relatively short time. The Bond of Secrecy is broken and as the Truth is made known to All a cleansing will occur within all souls who have taken on Fear, Remorse, Confusion, and self-debasement for not accomplishing what they came here to do. They will understand that they have been victimized by a society that has degenerated into coldness and heartlessness which has been rigged to benefit the few.

There is a great cleansing that is beginning within everyone on the Earth Mother Now! The lessons to be learned are coming hard and fast to Everyone. When it is over you will be as new babies washed clean of Karmic ties. This is Why you were born at this Time! You are The Bringers of the New Dawn of Light on the Earth Mother. This New Dawn is the Ascension of the Earth and all living on Her. Souls have gathered from afar into the Galaxy to be present on the Earth at this time. It is a Great Privilege to be here now! You Chose, And were chosen to experience this great Light of an Ascending Planet into higher dimensions. Keep THIS in mind as you experience this next period in the process!

We Paschats are actively engaged in the cleansing of the systems and governing bodies and those behind those governing bodies on your Planet. The Circle of Control that is ever widening in an attempt to Rule the People of Earth is no longer effective as you are Awakening to Your Own Sovereignty as Free Beings of Creator! The Mighty Roar of Sekhmet’s Children will be heard around the world! We Stand at your Side! Call upon us! We Are A Thought Away!
Rest Well in the Great Goddess’s Arms!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 4/8/12 12:11 am