Ker-ton-tec January 7, 2010

Peace Be Your Path!  The Path of Peace is the Way to The Heart!  Stillness and Centeredness is the WAY of the Peaceful Warrior!  I have come to tell you a story.  A bright light came in the sky and the people were frightened  They turned away from this light in fear.  One man and one woman looked with curiosity at this strange light for in their hearts and in their innermost place of peace they Did Not Fear it!   As others cowered in fear, this man and this woman opened their hearts in welcome.  As the Light grew brighter and larger they were soon enveloped in the pure joy of Being!   As they opened more to the Light their bodies became as feathers and started to rise up to the Light until they were totally engulfed in the Bliss of Oneness with it.  They, My Dears, Ascended into the Heavenly Body because they had No Fear!   I am Ker-ton-tec; I am a Paschat Warrior!   The Human Family on the Earth Mother has been conditioned to Fear, for a very long time in your counting of Time.  At first, there were those   who manipulated Humankind for their own Dark Ends, to make Humans slaves.     Fear is deeply encoded now but it is Not Impossible to overcome this unnatural timidity that has warped some and stifled the growth of many.  You Must remember your Power and that you are Great and Powerful Spiritual Beings Who Live Forever!    I am speaking about fear tonight because those who would have you Not Remember WHO you are, have been increasing the amount of Fear Energy so that you can cower and shiver in order to Feed those who NEED your Fear in order to SURVIVE!   Human Spiritual Warriors of Earth, Free Yourselves from this Enslavement!  Know in Every Part of your Being that the Light is STRONGER than the Dark (although they would tell you differently).  Know that YOU ARE ONE WITH THE CREATOR!   And THERE is your strength!  LOVE is abhorrent to the Dark Ones; to them it is a weakness.  To those who walk the Path of the Peaceful Warrior, Love is Everything!  It is Creator expressed!   Whatever comes to you, Know that All IS Well.  Peace Reigns, Within and Without!  Courage is your Heritage!  Walk through the Fear and you will have found the Path of the Peaceful Warrior.  Good Night and rest in the Goddess’  Love!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  Thursday January 7, 2010   7:27pm