Ker-ton-tec – February 17, 2011 

Hello!  Yes, it is Ker-ton-tec.  As you know I am on the ship, the Blue Star.  We have been extremely busy in these last months.  The frozen  Fear in Humanity has melted!  The Fear that has paralyzed Humanity is melting in the Song of Love that is flowing across the Earth Mother!   It is the Song of Freedom’s manifestation!  It is the Song of Humanity’s Dignity, and its’ longing for Justice that is powering across your world!   This story that is unfolding is a story of Humankind’s Awakening to it’s own Power and Strength!   This is the Beginning of the Time that has been foretold!  As the Flame from Freedom’s Torch spreads across  the Earth, the people will awaken as if from a dream!  You will ALL KNOW WHAT IS TRUTH!    Those who have held the keys to the locks on your chains Know and FEAR what is happening now!   They have No Power over those who are, and Know that they are Sovereign Beings!    We remind you ALL to Stand In Your OWN Power and to Be Grounded In The Light of the ONE!  Mother Sekhmet wishes a word with you!  Good Night and Walk with Courage!  We Are with you!   Sekhmet:  It has started in Egypt, my Home away from Home.  Smaller and less known countries  began to toll the Bell of Freedom first, but when the ancient and well known country of Egypt erupted like a volcano of Freedom, the World Took Notice!   It is noteworthy that this land is a Land of the Goddess!    Those who oppressed My Children in Egypt are hearing the Roar of the Goddess!  Others will follow across the world!  THERE IS NO STOPPING THIS BREAKING OF THE BONDS THAT HAVE ENSLAVED MY CHILDREN!     There is No Escape for those who would prolong this oppression of The People of the Earth!  IT IS TRULY OVER!  Surrender the ego to peace.    My Paschat Warriors have been working “around the clock”, in your expression.  They have been and will continue to be your Warrior Protectors!   Now, my children, go within to your core and bring your Peaceful Warrior out and be ready FOR CHANGE!  We Love You ALL!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  February 17, 2011  11:43 pm