Ker-ton-tec & Durga – October 5, 2015

I Am Durga.  I come to you this day with a Message to the World.  Those who have been working in the Light and for the Light will see many changes now.  The cruelty and greed of the controllers of this world has known no bounds!  The control of your Minds and How you think has reached Epic proportions and the majority of the people have succumbed to a Hive mentality.   You are controlled and continue to believe that if your country has “elections” then you are Free!  You are Not Free!  Humans all over this beautiful Planet are controlled either by propaganda or military force and the dismantling of your valid Constitutions through the “political process” (Changing the Law to suit the Controllers.) 

I look upon the carnage, the wars between countries, factions within governments, the war on the Planet herself and the innocents who are suffering with deep sadness for humanity that is controlled through the spectrum of magnetic pollution that all of the Earth is bathed in. 

If you truly want a New and Better world, you Have to turn off your televisions, that have mechanisms of mind control within.  Turn off your other electronics for a while because with this constant bombardment of your whole being you are All being harmed and controlled!  Walk in the Natural World, Reconnect with your Mother, the Earth.  You are forgetting a process of communication that Humans have used for thousands of years: Face to Face Communication!   Even old-fashioned telephones were not as harmful as your “wireless” instruments.
Always remember that it is the Few at the top and beyond your governmental systems who are gaining from your “Hive Mentality”.   You have been and continue to be used and it Will get worse unless you step out of this long line marching to  total control of humanity.   YOUR WILL is what is needed!  No One else can do this for you!   You are Your Own Leaders!   Wake Up, Grow Up, take your Spiritual Power and change what needs to be changed!  You are in the “Eleventh  Hour!”   You Are New Humans, the Awakened and Awakening!   YOUR Time is NOW!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Oct 5, 2015   8:17 am

Ker-ton-tec:  Mother Sekmet’s Fleet is ready to move into positions around your world to assist  humanity as needed.  Make no mistake!  We, the Paschat Warriors are here and are helping now!   The Awareness and Courage of Humanity is needed now! 
Prepare for Change Now!  Be not like helpless little children led to their extinction.  Say :” No” to your Enslavement through Fear!  (Fear of others, fear of wars, starvation and destruction)  You Are Warriors ALL!  Spiritual Warriors.  BE courageous! 
We, Sekhmet’s Warriors are by your side!
Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  October 5, 2015