Keilrod – Tuesday February 20, 2008

We are of the Turquoise Ray.   We are from Ganymede(what you know as a moon of Jupiter.  We have been stationed in your Polar Regions and have been monitoring the Life Force of the Earth and of the lives of those who live in the waters surrounding the Ice Caps.  There is much to learn of the condition of the Earth’s health from these areas.   We have been asked by the people who live in the interior of your Planet to help them to monitor the changing patterns in the ocean’s currents.  These. as you  know, are indicative of the  vast alterations that are taking place in the weather patterns upon the Earth.  Much, but not all, is due to the Weather Manipulations that have been inflicted upon you for some years.     We help to alleviate some of this, as we can.  Much that is allowed involves the free-will choice of those who have yet to step into the Light.   The people of Earth, will change this,  as it is they who must rise up as the Protectors of your Earth.  And IT WILL, AND IS BEGINNING TO HAPPEN!    You are much more Powerful than you think!   AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!   As you Think, it WILL BE SO!     There are MILLIONS of your Sisters and Brothers from the “stars” who are surrounding the Earth at this time!   You are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!   Your Family from Inner Earth are as excited to meet you as we are.  In the meantime, we ask you all to hold the Light and the Love in your hearts and minds for it is You who will Truly bring the changes that you wish to see!  It is You who are lifting the Consciousness of all of Humankind!   As you go through your days we ask you to keep your vision of your New World at the forefront of your thoughts and to Begin, in small steps and large steps to Create the World as YOU want to see it be in your New Dawn!  It has been a pleasure to address you all!  I am Keilrod and I bid you Good Night!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   Tuesday February 20, 2008  1:40 am