Kali – Thurs Jan 27- 2011

Relay Relay Relay Kali 1-27-2011     There is a cloaked battle on Earth between the Forces of Good and Forces of Evil. Invisible in your media, but it is very much a raging storm.   The Earth Mother has been fouled and her Children of All Kingdoms are dying.  The Invisible Weapons are being used in great swaths on the Earth.  These Are the weapons of Cold Hatred. Very Cold, indeed Are these individuals.  The acceleration of the use of these destructive weapons has been unprecedented until now.   As the Human Family on Earth wakes up to the knowledge that you and only you can stop this destruction; then you will see a surcease of this game.  We remind you to think Outside the box (a good saying!) for the solutions to your myriad problems; you are being poisoned by the air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in, the food you eat and the mind control mechanisms of your entertainments, education, news media, disconnection from children and your elders and your natural world.   Closed Hearts and Closed Minds are not what is called for now.  You are the Elders of this Earth Tribe.  It is up to you now to heal what is sick in your societies, and your Earth. This is your time of testing; this is the time that has been prophesied.   You all came here at this time to Be The Healers of The Earth, of the people and of your societies.  Do not Shrink from this work!  This is the Goddess’ Work!  We are ready and willing to work with and alongside of you! This truly Is you Shining Hour.  (As long as you don’t go back to sleep!)   Be kind to One Another and to All Life Forms on Earth! Encourage each other and use your talents to bring the New Earth into Being.  My Dear Ones Create with your Heart and Mind and Will the beautiful and nurturing Earth that you want to see. You have All of the help of heaven for your Transformation into a Higher Consciousness!     I Am Kali   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle             Thurs Jan 27- 2011 10:32 PM