Kali – Saturday  July 24, 2010

From Destruction comes New Beginnings.  I Am Kali.  This period in your time, in your Earth Time is a Yuga of Transformative process.  One of the Names I Am known by is: The Destroyer.  From Destruction is born the New!   This Time is one of Transition from your Old Way to a New Way of Being and Living with your Sisters and Brothers of ALL Kingdoms upon your Earth Mother.  Humanity has gone as far as it can into the Darkness and those who have Love in their hearts for this Sacred Being, your Mother, the Earth, cry out for surcease of the destruction of her body and ALL lifeforms upon her.   The Time IS NOW!  It is Time for the Old and Greedy ways to fall away.  This is a Time for All of humanity to say, “No”!   Self-indulgence is no longer an option while your Mother who SUSTAINS your life is bleeding out her purity for the comfort of the Impure!   It is a period when ALL must ask themselves, if your Comfort, Ease, and grown-up Toys are worth an end to your children’s very future.   The Old Way must be consigned to the past!  There are those who would help you, but this is Your Planet; You Must Wake Up  to what is going on around you in your governing bodies.   What legacy do you expect to leave the Little Ones of Earth???  More Corruption and Greed?  More Apathy?  Deception?  Unwillingness to sacrifice Your Comfort?  AT what PRICE????        I AM Here Now!  What Are You Choosing?   Telepathic Communication   By   Spirit Eagle  Saturday  July 24, 2010  8pm