Justine –  July 24, 2010 

I am Justine (in your language).  I am a Science Officer working in your skies monitoring and cleansing along with Earth’s Sylphs (Atmospheric Devas).  I want to speak to you about Consciousness and your Air.  As some of you know, Thoughts are Things.  Every thought you have is as real as an action.  This is why it is so important to Monitor your thoughts!  They Do create your Reality!  When you say, (about situations in your countries), “I Can’t DO Anything!  I am just one person”, That thought, Your creation goes out to the world and is picked up by another and another after that and as it multiplies it gains in Strength!  How much more productive to send a thought into the ether’s that is one of Strength, Determination and Goddess-given Power?  When you put your hands in the air and say, “I can’t do anything” you are saying that you are helpless and small like a young child.   Each of you was born in order to BE HERE AT THIS TIME.  It is a great opportunity for Soul Growth.  Humankind must make the Leap Now!   Don’t be afraid of the Truth.  Truth is neither positive nor negative.  Open your minds and listen with Discernment.  To make an informed decision one must not be afraid to embrace a new idea, nor to change your minds.   You will need flexibility as humanity makes the leap into higher dimensions.  Almost everything you know now will change.  You will grow and understand so much more than is available to you at this time.    Use Discernment in all things!!!   Use the Power within you to Know and Be The Sovereign Being that you Truly  Are!   Telepathic Communication  By  Spirit Eagle           July 24, 2010    9:15pm   Don’t be afraid of the Truth.  Truth is neither positive nor negative.  Open your